Alumni Chapter Excellence Award

Established in 1999, this award recognizes the accomplishments of an entire alumni chapter to improve the alumni experience. This biennial award is presented at Grand Chapter to all alumni chapters selected on the basis of excellence in membership fulfillment, undergraduate support and community involvement.

Certificates of Appreciation

Certificates of appreciation are presented upon the request of a chapter, Grand Officer or Fraternity body to a chapter officer or member of the Fraternity. The certificates recognize service as an officer of an undergraduate or alumni chapter, or service to a chapter of the General Fraternity.

Chapter Balfour Award

The Balfour Award contains three levels of distinction: chapter, province and international. The process of conferring the different Balfour Awards is progressive, as an award winner progresses from one level to the next. 

Each chapter selects its own Chapter Balfour Award winner using the criteria that they feel results in the selection of their "most outstanding graduating senior." The chapter can recognize a brother who has graduated in December, or who will graduate after the spring or summer term. Either way, the selected brother must graduate in the current academic year. Each Chapter Balfour Award winner receives a plaque denoting his achievement.  Each chapter's winner is also eligible for the Province Balfour Award.

Charles G. Ross Undergraduate Chapter Publications Award

The Fraternity presents the Charles G. Ross Award to the undergraduate chapter with the most outstanding publications program. Criteria include the inclusion of content concerning undergraduate and alumni news, writing and editing, layout, general appearance, and the frequency and quality of publication. The award is named for the late Significant Sig Charles G. Ross, MISSOURI-COLUMBIA 1905.

Daniel William Cooper Award

This annual award honors the undergraduate chapter that has the most outstanding scholastic achievement program. The winning chapter receives a plaque and has its name engraved on the Daniel William Cooper Award trophy on display in the Sigma Chi Museum at Headquarters. Recipients of this award are chosen from the pool of Peterson Significant Chapter Award applicants.

Edwin C. Fisher Grand Praetor Award

This award, established in 1985, honors a Grand Praetor who has executed his statutory duties, aided brothers and their chapters in reaching their full potential, and strived to foster a spirit of brotherly unity among the chapters within his province. It is named for former Grand Praetor and past Grand Quaestor Edwin C. Fisher, ILLINOIS 1928. This award is presented biannually at Grand Chapter. Fisher was also an Order of Constantine Sig.

International Balfour Award

The International Balfour Award has been presented annually since the 1929 to 1930 academic year, when Paul Hagemann, WASHINGTON (ST. LOUIS) 1930, was recognized as the inaugural recipient. The committee that oversees the award selects the individual who they believe to be the Fraternity's most outstanding graduating senior based on his achievements in scholastics, campus and community involvement, and Sigma Chi involvement.

James F. Bash Significant Improvement Award

The James F. Bash Significant Improvement Award — funded by 49th Grand Consul James F. Bash, BUTLER and INDIANA 1946, and his wife, Connie — is given to chapters that demonstrate major improvement in total chapter operations from year to year. Significant improvement is defined as a gain of at least 25 percent in the score ascribed to a Peterson Significant Chapter Award application from one year to the next. All chapters that apply for the Peterson will be considered for the Bash Award; therefore, there is no separate application for this award.

Mark V. Anderson Character-In-Action Leadership Award

A person of good character illustrates trustworthiness, respect, personal responsibility, fairness and citizenship. Whether a member donates his time and energy to a worthy cause, acts as a role model for the youth of his community or simply goes out of his way to help others, Sigma Chi recognizes this as an act of Character-in-Action™. Such members, who also lead with integrity, are good candidates for the Mark V. Anderson Character-in-Action™ Leadership Award.

Parents Club Award For Excellence

This award recognizes the parents club that has significantly contributed to the Sigma Chi experience of their sons and their respective undergraduate chapters. Presented annually, this award honors a parents club for its support of a chapter's operations, as well as the membership size and longevity of the respective club.

Peterson Significant Chapter Award

The Peterson Significant Chapter Award, sponsored annually by the Sigma Chi Foundation, is the highest honor that the Fraternity bestows upon an undergraduate chapter. Named for 38th Grand Consul J. Dwight Peterson, INDIANA 1919, the award recognizes excellent, but not impossible, performance by chapters in all major areas of operation and programming. For many years, the Peterson plaque has been a symbol of dedication, idealism and achievement.

Province Balfour Award

To apply for the Province Balfour Award, a Chapter Balfour Award winner is required to submit his Province Balfour Award application to his Grand Praetor. Deadlines vary from province to province, so contact your Grand Praetor for more information. To access the Province Balfour Award application, please click here. 

Province Balfour winners will receive a complimentary K.S. “Bud” Adams Life Loyal Sig membership and a plaque denoting his achievement.

To view a list of award recipients, please click here.

Semi-Century Sig Award

The Semi-Century Sig Award recognizes brothers who have been active in the Fraternity for 50 years or more. The award certificate and lapel pin denoting one's status as a Semi-Century Sig are presented at the request of an undergraduate or alumni chapter or member.

Stegemeier Faculty Advisor Award

The Dr. Henri Stegemeier Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award pays tribute to the Fraternity’s most outstanding faculty advisor. A 1932 graduate of Butler University, Stegemeier served the University of Illinois undergraduate chapter as its faculty advisor from more than 40 years. Stegemeier was a member of the Order of Constantine, a professor emeritus of German and the chairman of the University of Illinois’ German department. His long and distinguished service to the Fraternity embodied the true spirit of Sigma Chi.

The William “Pop” Henning Life Loyal Sig Award

This award recognizes the undergraduate chapter that adds the highest percentage of undergraduate Life Loyal Sigs throughout the school year. The award is named for 18th Grand Consul William C. “Pop” Henning, DEPAUW 1890, who is Life Loyal Sig No. 1.

The winning chapter receives a custom Life Loyal Sig plaque to display in the chapter house, as well as a $1,000 scholarship from the Fraternity to be used for one of the following purposes:

William T. Bringham Best House Corporation Officer Award

First presented in 1974, the William T. Bringham Best House Corporation Officer Award is named for Order of Constantine Sig and Significant Sig Bill Bringham Sr., ILLINOIS WESLEYAN 1946, Sigma Chi’s executive secretary from 1954 to 1989. This award is given to the house corporation officer who has demonstrated outstanding loyalty to Sigma Chi through personal leadership, time and effort.